Example #1: A Single VM

This is the HEAT equivalent of a "hello world" program. The smallest possible HEAT template that is still useful. In this example, we're provisioning a single virtual machine, with one network connection.

HOT Template


heat_template_version: 2014-10-16
description: The SMALLEST possible working HEAT template

        type: OS::Nova::Server
            key_name: derek_ssh
            image: Centos-7-x86_64
            flavor: m1.small
            name: lesson1.server
              - network: private


If we paste this HOT template into the UI, and click next, we'll find ourselves with a few options to fill out. These are the default parameters which are always present for any HOT.

We'll fill those out with some throwaway values, and continue on:

Launching the HOT

Topological View

Once we hit the launch button, we're kicked back to the Orchestration root menu. From here we can go take a look at the results of our (minimal) labours. Click on the name of the HOT that you deployed in this view, and you're taken to a view that shows the different components used for your HEAT stack. While this is only showing a single instance in this view, it can be quite useful for larger and more complex HEAT stacks:

Launching the HOT